We have a place for you in this exciting and challenging field! If you take the time, you will find what Mizpah Security could be for you. If you want to become a Private Security Specialist, you are called to serve in an honorable Profession. Mizpah Security Services, Inc., a division of Mizpah Security & Training, Inc. is committed to the training, formation and certification of men and women who want to enter this exciting field and become Private Security Specialists.

If you are ready to start immediately, just follow the instructions in Enrollment & Fees, and you will be automatically enrolled in our Mizpah Security Officer Training Academy. You will receive a welcome letter as a student, you will also receive instructions to enter your Virtual Classroom Classes as soon as is completed!. All instructions are taken online from the comfort of your home or office. Classes are designed for self-learning, you just have to answer a few simple questions at the end of each chapter and answer the exams, all this to be completed through the Internet.

Upon successful completion of the program, we will send you your professionally designed credentials “Your Private Security Specialist ID”. Also a beautiful 8.5X11 certified diploma to be placed in your office or any other wall and a “To whom it may concern” certification letter signed and stamped with your name and Private Security Specialist number. Finally you will receive from us a personalized Badge with your Security Specialist number. The Sheet / ID takes 6 to 8 weeks for delivery due to customization. The total price of the educational program is $895.00.

New security officers must pass a thorough background check and drug test. At Mizpah Security Services, Inc., training is continual and intensive. It is of paramount important to us that every officer stays abreast with recent practices and laws mandated by the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure (MDPL). Our top-tier security education is as follows:.

Program teaches new recruits security guard fundamentals. Subjects covered include but are not limited to First Aid and CPR, customer service essentials, and emergency procedures. This stage of learning is repeated, and the officers are constantly tested so that they retain what they learn.

All officers are trained at least four hours and, more typically, eight hours at the location where they are assigned. Before they begin working, we make sure the new officer is properly educated. Training, again, is constant, conducted by experienced supervisors and consists of:

At locations that need radio traffic, we make sure all officers use and know appropriate transmission language.

Perception is everything. Officers learn this. They learn why and how their appearance as well as their behavior directly reflect our client’s business. Top-notch customer service skills are of extreme importance at Mizpah.

Officers learn how to spot and diffuse volatile situations. Officers develop the skill set to recognize behavior that could result in injury to property, client staff, and themselves.

Since security officer reports can be used as a legal document, Mizpah stresses the importance of legible post logs. Incident reports are taken when serious situations arise. Information gathering techniques are taught. Officers are tested for legibility and overall writing competence.

Topics include but are not limited to emergency contact information, elevator entrapment procedures, earthquake preparedness, theft, & fire life safety

Officers are taught what powers they are given and the importance of never overstepping their bounds. To ward against lawsuits and client embarrassment, our security staff is trained thoroughly on the limits of their authority.

Our corporate office contains an extensive library with relevant, up-to-date security information. When needed or requested, professionally run lectures are held at our office or a particular account.

Many of our security professionals seek law enforcement careers and we strongly encourage their development; many of our managers are former security guards who rose through the ranks, including our owners, who value highly the importance of security education.

Mizpah Security Services, Inc. believes that well trained officers typically stay longer than other security firms that don’t offer any training. Our low turnover is attributed, in large part, to the fact that we care about our officers and we show this by helping them develop their careers. Career and financial advancement, based on performance, is appreciated by our staff and clients alike.

Mizpah Security Services, Inc. complies with all laws pertaining to nondiscrimination in the workplace. Typically, security guards seek us out, but our firm has also built relationships with local and state educational facilities, various community centers, job fairs, employment agencies, military recruitment personnel.
At Mizpah Security Services, Inc. we realize we are only as good as our staff, and so we do our level-best to find and hire the most qualified candidates.

Mizpah Security Services, Inc. is always seeking reliable and experienced security staff. Although our standards are high, we provide great opportunities and appreciate our diverse personnel.
We recognize our quality security staff is a primary reason for our success. Our Massachusetts security guards work both full and part-time. We try and place our officers close to where they live. We offer competitive pay rates, and numerous incentives and opportunities to advance since we promote from within.
To become a valued part of our security team, please send a resume to our corporate headquarters. If called for an interview, bring your current Driver License, photo ID, and Social Security card. You must have earned a high school diploma or GED to meet our minimum educational requirements.

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